Who We Are

img_9580Dr Wendy Russell is the Director and Principal Consultant of Double Arrow Consulting. She has diverse experience in science, social science, policy and engagement practice, which brings a breadth of perspective to her work in engaging, synthesising and integrating across boundaries. She set up Double Arrow Consulting in 2013 to provide engagement services and to develop deliberative engagement methods for national policy. She is also a strong advocate of technology assessment (TA) and is working to build TA capacity for Australia.

Trained in public and stakeholder engagement, deliberative democracy, writing and editing and facilitation, Wendy is an active member of IAP2 and was IAP2 regional coordinator for the ACT from Nov 2012 until Jun 2016.

Wendy is a visiting fellow at the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University and an associate at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance at the University of Canberra. Previously, she was an academic at the University of Wollongong researching social aspects of biotechnology, transdisciplinary research and technology assessment, reflected in over 20 refereed journal articles and book chapters and numerous national and international conference presentations. She is also an award-winning tertiary teacher and education researcher. Wendy has a PhD in plant sciences and has refereed publications and awards associated with her research on photosynthesis.

A summary of Wendy’s CV can be downloaded here.

Prior to establishing Double Arrow, Wendy worked in the Commonwealth Department of Innovation (formerly DIISR, DIISRTE and DIICCSRTE) developing and implementing the Science & Technology Engagement Pathways (STEP) framework under the National Enabling Technologies Strategy (see recent work page). This involved designing, running and reporting on a series of stakeholder and public engagement workshops, and working with a group of diverse stakeholders to design STEP.

The multistakeholder co-design process won the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Australasia ACT and Project of the Year Core Values Awards in 2011, and the implementation of STEP (a series of engagements called STEP into the Future) won the ACT Core Values Award from IAP2 in 2013.



Wendy works with a number of associates, who specialise in particular areas and skill sets and thus complement each other’s work.

Dr Nicole Mazur, ENVision Environmental Consulting

Nicki has been Director of EEC for x years and specialises in social research, stakeholder and community engagement and program evaluation to inform environmental and natural resource policy and management.

Link: www.envisionconsulting.com.au

Keith Greaves, Chit Chat

Keith is a well-known engagement practitioner from Melbourne, who has been regional coordinator for IAP2 in Victoria and is now on the IAP2 Board. Keith uses a range of innovative methods to design and facilitate effective and productive engagements for a wide range of clients. He has a science background and worked in the UK on public engagement in science at ?.

Link: www.chit-chat.com.au

Janet Salisbury, Biotext
Janet has run the very successful company, Biotext, for over 14 years and has offices in Canberra and Melbourne. Biotext has built on its high quality work in writing, editing and information design services, and also developed strengths in research, engagement and training. Janet developed a strong interest in community engagement and dialogue methods through her work on significant biotechnology issues and she is an member of the ANU Centre for Dialogue practitioners group. In 2009, she initiated Canberra Conversations– a series of deliberative forums dealing with important local issues.
Link: www.biotext.com.au

Craig Thomler, Delib Australia
Craig is a leading Government 2.0 Advocate and social media specialist who currently leads Delib Australia, a digital democracy company specialising in supporting organisations to more effectively engage citizens, stakeholders and customers online.
Link: www.delib.net/australia/
Link: www.egovau.blogspot.com.au/