What We Offer

What Double Arrow Offers

Double Arrow specialises in deliberative and inclusive engagement to solve complex problems

Double Arrow specialises in deliberative engagement. This means designing and facilitating engagement to give participants the best opportunity to reason, weigh up options, and work together to identify optimal solutions and options. We make sure participants understand and respect each other’s perspectives and use all the available information to understand the question or problem at hand. Framing, design and reporting are all tailored to provide the most useful input to inform your decisions.

Double Arrow specialises in inclusive engagement. This means bringing many relevant people and perspectives to the table, not just the people you usually speak to. We help you to identify, involve and have productive discussions with a diverse range of stakeholders. This includes your critics, who may be the best people to help you improve what you do.


Double Arrow specialises in complex problems. Tackling complex problems generally requires integration of technical information and social values. Engagement can assist in understanding and building consensus about complex problems, finding integrated solutions, and stimulating a range of actions. This type of engagement requires additional design features and facilitation to support participation. We help to clarify what participants need to know to engage, what they can bring to the decisions faced, and how engagement can be most useful in informing decisions and generating outcomes.


Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement is about involving those with a stake in decisions in the decision making process and ensures decisions are informed, transparent, accountable and sustainable

Confidential advice, planning, design, event management, facilitation, reporting and evaluation

Engagements are tailored to decision-making contexts and range from informing to consulting, involving and collaborating

Engagements generally involve face-to-face forums and workshops but may also involve on-line communication, discussions and submissions; they may augment existing consultation processes

Targeted at government, but also relevant to research, industry and civil society organisations

Facilitation, dialogue, knowledge brokering

Design, facilitation and reporting of workshops, dialogues and other structured internal and external events

Brokering between different sectors, experts and disciplines, analysis and synthesis of research results for policy

Technology Assessment

Design, execution and reporting of tailored assessment projects for emerging technologies, applications and issues. The approach covers broad societal implications and visioning, using integration of participatory and analytical methods.

Social Research

Interviews, surveys, focus groups

Analysis, synthesis, and literature reviews, report writing

Social impact research


Stakeholder and community engagement

Science Dialogue

Science and Technology in context (for scientists and engineers)