Double Arrow Consulting

Double Arrow Consulting

Two-way engagement for robust decision-making


Double Arrow is a Canberra-based, boutique consultancy specialising in stakeholder and community engagement, and also providing social research, training and technology assessment. The principal consultant is Dr Wendy Russell, an award-winning practitioner and researcher, who works with associates to provide first class, affordable services. Double Arrow is focused on two-way engagement to support decision-making in government, industry, research and civil society organisations.


In the area of science dialogue, Wendy recently worked with an Advanced Biotechnology group at QUT to develop a communication and engagement strategy to reach out about their work. At a workshop at their beautiful campus in Brisbane, they considered how to shift from a one-way, ‘deficit’ approach to communication, to a two-way approach to dialogue and engagement that can inform their research.

She is looking forward to a similar workshop with early career researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-nano Science and Technology (CBNS), which she’ll be running with Matthew Kearnes (UNSW) in Brisbane in October.

Wendy’s also gearing up to teach Science Dialogue – Theory and Practice once more at the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, ANU, in December. Find out more here

It’s exciting to see interest in deliberative democracy increasing in the ACT. With colleagues, Vicky Darling, Simon Niemeyer and John Dryzek, Wendy is hoping to make a contribution to the reform process to put Canberra on the democratic innovation map.

Wendy has written up her research on the political impacts of deliberative democracy processes, a research project funded by the newDemocracy Foundation. The research report is available here

Wendy has enjoyed once again working with her colleague, Nicki Mazur, on a program evaluation for the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre. They looked at the impacts of social research conducted within the CRC on the plant biosecurity system.